Nerds on scooters take cross-country road trip at 40mph [VID]

Nerds on scooters take cross-country road trip at 40mph [VID]

Completely fed up with your life but have a scooter?

THIS MAY SEEM PRETTY EASY to make fun of depending on your levels of jadedness / cynicism, but the fact is, the young-hero-going-out-to-find-him/herself is one of our oldest archetypal narratives:

Jonathon Simon and David Miles, both in their late 20s, are completely fed up with their lives, their jobs, lack of money, and lack of inspiration. They have nothing to show for their lives, and to fix their problem, they decide to sell everything they have and go on a cross-country road trip, on 40mph scooters.

The producers of the film Me, You & the Road note that this “is not the typical fun-loving road trip movie viewers are used to, but an art house film about the journey of two men, as they struggle to find their way through life, and what it means to truly live.”

I’m glad to see filmmakers tackling this narrative in fiction / film. So many strictly nonfiction road trip videos / documentaries seem to fall short when it comes to storylines about relationships. Interested to see how this one comes out. Whatchall think?

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