Snorkel Maui like a GoPro ninja

Snorkel Maui like a GoPro ninja

Strap on your goggles and submerge into the clear waters of Maui. Oh, and don’t forget the GoPro.

IF IT WOULDN’T KILL ME I would spend my life underwater. Sure buttering my toast would be difficult and my social life would go to the guppies but I think it would be worth it. There is no place where I feel more free, more alive, than underwater.

The crystal clear, bath-water-warm water that is teeming with life off Maui’s shores makes for the perfect point of submergence.

Pressing record on my trusty, waterproof GoPro I dive, spin, spy on angel fish, and follow a four foot long green turtle as he cruises the bay. The giant reptile glided through the sun gilded water, as graceful as anything.

I listen as the reef clicks and clacks and bubbles tickle my skin.

For better or worse, I am a mammal. And unlike my flipper wielding mammalian friends like the blue whale and spinner dolphin, I can only hold my breath for 30 seconds or so. Inevitably my time underwater is always too brief. I have to take it in one big breath at a time.

My accommodations and activities were provided by Maui Tourism Bureau and Napili Kai Hotel, thank you.

Watch the video: GoPro Hero 7 Black Slow Motion Tutorial u0026 Settings. 4K60 u0026 1080p240