Graphic video of Egyptian army brutality

Graphic video of Egyptian army brutality

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I have no words to describe the gratuitous brutality displayed by the Egyptian army in this video.

THE INTRODUCTION to the video reads:

Kasr al-Aini events [the street on which the violence has been centered], 17/12/2011
To those defending the military council
To the oblivious who believe that the army and people are one hand
To El-Ganzoury [current ‘Prime Minister’ of Egypt], did you speak the truth?
And finally, are those the Earth’s finest soldiers?

Thanks to Dalia Rabie from The Daily News Egypt for the translation.

The brutality of the Egyptian military

Some context:
(I strongly suggest you check out some of the links below for more detailed information)

  • Early Friday morning a protester from the sit-in outside the Egyptian cabinet was arrested and beaten by military police.
  • The situation escalated until the military took to the rooftops of nearby buildings and began hurling rocks, petrol bombs, and whatever else they could get their hands on – including office furniture, and in one case, a stream of urine – onto the protesters below, who of course responded with their own missiles.
  • Military police broke up the sit-in using their standard crowd-control tactics: if it moves, beat it; if it doesn’t move, beat it till it does.
  • Cue hours of cat-and-mouse fighting that pitted protesters armed with rocks, molotov cocktails, and hard hats, against a national army armed with all of the above plus, you know, guns.
  • Early today the military stormed Tahrir Square, destroying field hospitals, arresting doctors and patients, burning tents, and attacking media outlets that were covering the violence. [These are the events shown in the video.]
  • At least nine people are confirmed dead and over 350 injured, and at time of writing the violence shows no sign of ending.

For more detail check out recent posts on The Arabist and by Egyptian blogger Zeinobia, and this piece by al-Jazeera.

A few photo sets: OccupyCabinet evacuation and Compilation of photos showing army brutality.

The government has denied the army engaged in any unnecessary violence. Sadly, people believe this shit.

Watch the video: Ancient Egyptian warfare and weapons


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