Sourcing backpack materials in Indonesia [VID]

Sourcing backpack materials in Indonesia [VID]

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This video takes a look at the origins of one line of Ethnotek bags.

I’M A PRETTY BIG FAN of Ethnotek bags (which is no secret). Their mission and story are pretty incredible, as are the bags themselves. A quick reminder of why:

1. All bags are limited editions.

2. It typically takes a family 2-3 months to hand-dye and weave only 25 yards of intricate textiles like the ones featured in these bags.

3. Ethnotek never dictates what designs the weaver works on.

4. This non-intrusive sourcing model allows them to continually update their line in small batches.

The THREAD, or front panel of the bag, is removable. And Ethnotek has just released their latest collection for the holidays – eight striking new designs. If you’ve already got an Ethnotek bag, you can purchase a new THREAD separately. If you don’t have one yet, features include an 84-denier ballistic nylon body, side slip, zipper and mesh pockets, snap-buckle straps for yoga mats and tent poles, a compartment for 15-17” MacBooks and PC laptops, a padded back panel, airmesh to reduce back sweatage, and padded shoulder straps.

Plus, you know, they look really cool. And this video gives a little look into just how much work, care, and time is put into every single THREAD.

Batik Hunting from Ethnotekbags on Vimeo.

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